About the Conference

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has impaired so much on everything that revolves around face-to-face events, shutting school doors globally and educational conferences have been one of the worst hits. However, the situation while grave has expanded the opportunities in the online, distance and remote engagement space more than ever before.
We are advancing on this opportunity to offer to the global community of educators and education stakeholders a 24-hour conference. This will uniquely allow educators across the world in various time zones to present and attend a conference that will provide new and different perspectives on online and distance learning in the new dispensation the whole world has shifted to. The conference is designed as

  • a showcase of unique scholarship that evolved in the pandemic period,

  • the influential theories of learning for online education models,

  • promising policies,

  • promising practices,

  • educational product displays,

  • research updates,

  • empathy sessions etc.

Conference Chair - Welcome Message

Karen Jackson M.Ed., Ed.D

Jackson Educational Experiences, LLC

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the #Teach-A-Thon Conference. Our theme for this inaugural edition is Face2face to Online: Mainstreaming the Education Continuum. Whether we teach face-to-face or not, the need for quality education wherever we are continues to draw us together.

In 2018, John Okewole was supported by Creative Commons Community Activities Fund to organize a #Teach-A-Thon.

Dr. J's Website:

Twitter: @karrieweb2004

The hackathon-type event reached educators across the globe and was the first of its kind in Nigeria. The initiative revealed that many educators were not acquainted with what Open, online, and digital teaching and learning affords.

Fast forward 2 years, much experience, and a pandemic. We find ourselves at a turning point, where education is morphing to meet the needs of students everywhere, at home or at school. It is time to explore new solutions. In this iteration of #Teach-A-Thon, you will find presentations available on the tracks below.

It's time to revisit the idea of a hackathon where all ideas are imagined, produced, iterated, and reiterated. This #Teach-A-Thon Conference will bring together Educators and Education stakeholders from across the globe to converse and learn from each other in panels, presentations, and virtual environments. We will share our experiences, our stories, and our ideas to find solutions in this novel situation we are in together.

Our goal is to empower educators, which includes teachers, school leaders and administrators in primary secondary and post-secondary educational spaces. To accommodate all of our participants, sessions will take place in multiple time zones, and will feature the voices of educational leaders from several continents.

The main tracks are listed below. Full description of each track can be found on this link.

  • Access, Equity and Open Education

  • Online / Blended

  • Instructional Design

  • Research, Evaluation and Learning Analytics

  • Leadership, Policy and Institutional Strategies

  • Technology and Future Trends

  • Safety in (Virtual) Learning Spaces

  • TVET

  • Empathy Session

Session Types & Details

While this is a fully online conference, the sessions are been creatively crafted to be interactive, engaging and highly informational. Look out continually on this page for updates as new session designs are placed there.

  • Keynotes

  • Workshops

  • Lightning Talks

  • Gaming Session

  • Conference Walkrooms

  • Research Findings

  • Product Showcase

  • Giveaways & more