Presenter Services

Information for Presenters

We are glad you will be presenting at the Teachathon Conference. This information will be useful before, during and after the conference.

Before the conference

  • Make sure to register for the conference when registration opens on September 1st. in order to save your place.

  • This is a fully online conference. To present, you will need to have a good Internet connection, a PC/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone.

  • Additionally, for a clean audio, you will need to have a good headset. We advise that you confirm that early enough by recording yourself on any of the devices.

  • This is free conference for both presenters and participants. You will only need to register. Registration will be available on this website by September 1st, 2020.

  • The organizers will push out request for volunteers closer to the conference.

  • As a free conference, we not be giving out scholarships for presenters or participants. Kindly speak with your school / organization / education board etc.

  • On review of the proposals after the deadline, accepted presenters will be emailed. According to their registration, they will be slotted on a schedule based on their time zone at the time of submission.

  • A presenter may request that the presentation time be moved but the final decision lies with the conference team.

During the Conference

  • Before the conference day, a calendar will be shared with you and you will be able to note the conference exact time in your locale.

  • Make sure you access the link to know it is working upon receipt.

  • On the day of the conference, ensure you come to the room 1 hour before the presentation to test connections. Adequate provision will be made for presenters to be assisted with presenting during the conference.

  • A breakout room coordinator will be available to guide you into your session.

  • You are expected to stick to the time you are allotted to present. The session coordinator will give a heads-up 5 mins. before the end of your session and you will be required to stop at the end of your time as other presenters will be on the queue in the same room.

  • A very important note is that if you expect probable network fails, you can record your session beforehand and submit it to the conference team.

    • With that, the recording will be played and you may attend the room to respond to questions.

  • Please note that your recording will not be played without your visibility in the room.

No breakout session will take place during Keynote Sessions as every breakout room will be closed.

After the Conference

  • You will receive an email form the conference team for additional information after the conference.

  • You will be expected to complete an evaluation which is really important to us after the conference. Kindly endeavor to complete such promptly.

  • Additionally, information will be provided to those who indicated that they will be submitting a full scholarly paper for their presentation. (More details will appear here in the future)