Track Description

Theme: "Face2Face to Online: Mainstreaming the Education Continuum"

Access, Equity and Open Education

OER and OEP; Open Licensing; Digital Divide and the Internet; Innovative Digital Access Solutions; Accessibility; Inclusive Learning; Educating Citizens - both digital and real life. (Be Internet Awesome) Interland

Online / Blended

Curricula & Pedagogies; Assessment & Recognition of Learning; Learning Environment / Instructional Component / Media Component; Quality Assurance; Teacher Professional Development; Learners Readiness; Game based learning / Gamified Learning / Gamification

Instructional Design

Instructional Models; Learning Theories; Universal Design for Learning; Design Thinking; The Design Cycle; Flipped Learning; Blended Learning

Research, Evaluation and Learning Analytics

The affect of COVID-19 on educational plans; Education Data Mining; Interdisciplinary courses; New Course Models; Learning Analytics; Academic Analytics; The Role of Video in Learning

Leadership, Policy and Institutional Strategies

Rethinking Education Policies; Governance and Partnerships; Public Private Partnership Models; Leadership from Home to School; Homeschooling; Change Theory; Dealing with Change; Sustainable Business Models for Online Learning; Sustainable Development Goal 4

Technology and Future Trends

Virtual Lab AI for Education; Education VR/AR; Virtual Learning Environment / Learning Management System; Mobile Learning; Education & Mobile App Development; Digital Storytelling; Coding & Robotics

Safety in (Virtual) Learning Spaces

Education Disaster Management; School Emergency Preparedness; Online School Safety; Cyber threat; Cyberbullying; Keeping Safe Online - Digital Citizenship

TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training)

Workforce Development Programme; Virtual TVET; Greening TVET; Education for Sustainable Development; Entrepreneurship Models in the Digital Age; Developing Mentorships and Partnerships with local businesses and schools; Authentic Simulations in Education (Example Z-Space) AI, and VR

Building Empathy

Guidance and Counselling; Social & Emotional Intelligence; Mental Health & Well-Being; Leadership from School to Community, empowering voice of students, teachers and administrators; Teacher Mental Health; Badging & Micro-credentials; Role-playing and Improvisation in Education