Community of Practice

It should be noted that communities of practice can be very effective in a digital world, where the working context is volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous. A large part of the lifelong learning market will become occupied by communities of practice and self-learning, through collaborative learning, sharing of knowledge and experience, and crowd-sourcing new ideas and development.

- Tony Bates (2015) Teaching in a Digital Age

It is well known that communities of practice helps grow an educator. Hence, this page is devoted to that. Helping educators grow as much as possible. This page is therefore devoted to the following:

  • A list of educator communities (note it is not exhaustive). Some communities are totally free to join while others have specific learning requirements..

  • Professional development opportunities for educators.

  • And more
    If you have ones you think we should, send an email to us here info (at) teachathonetwork (dot) com

Educator Communities

The Creative Commons Open Education Platform is a space for open education advocates and practitioners to identify, plan and coordinate multi-national open education content, practices and policy activities.

UNESCO-UNEVOC TVeT Forum is an online discussion board where TVET experts from around the world can share information and knowledge about different aspects of TVET.

Global Educator Groups (GEG)s connect passionate educators to discuss the benefits of technology to schools, classrooms, and communities across the world—both online and at locally run events offline.

One virtual place for learning is the Microsoft Educator Community . It is an internet portal that allows educators around the world to follow courses, find and put up lessons, but also to interact with one another and organize various activities and projects.

Scratch Educator Meetups are playful and creative professional learning experiences for educators who are interested in teaching with the Scratch programming environment.

ADEs are part of a global community of education leaders recognized for doing amazing things with Apple technology in and out of the classroom.

Professional Development for Educators

Virtual Learning Pedagogy

Teach From Home: GSuite

Dave Cormier's 2020 Online Teaching Series

Universal Design Learning: At a Glance

....and More - Amazing Resources for Educators Online



Google Teacher Center