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Background Information

TeachAThon Edtech Network evolved from a #Teach-A-Thon, professional development hackathon run in a blended (online and face-to-face) environment. It was designed to empower educators for technology adoption and integration in the classroom with an emphasis on open education resources (OER) and open education practices (OEP). The target audience for #Teach-A-Thon is educators (teachers, school leaders, administrators etc.) in primary, secondary and post-secondary (including TVET).

As a result, the TeachAThon Edtech Network is inclusive of the original initiative, and much more.

For some history...

In 2018, John Okewole was supported by Creative Commons Community Activities Fund to organize #Teach-A-Thon. The initiative revealed that many educators were not acquainted with what Open, online and digital teaching and learning affords.

Inspiration for TeachAThon

In 2018, John while facilitating with teachers on digital technology integration in schools asked this question:

Can you do without technology in the classroom?

In the audience of over 40 educators, about 85% responded Yes, they can do without technology, 10% said No while the rest were undecided.

He then did this - he pointed to the Whiteboard being projected at the workshop and simply asked the audience: Before the Whiteboard, what were they using in classrooms? The teachers responded with a chorus Chalkboard / Blackboard. Then he asked, what made the two possible, they responded Technology. With that illustration, the teachers got the message that they really cannot do without technology for effective instruction.

Technology is an evolving thing from generation to generation!

When the Blackboard was first made, the teachers then will wonder, what is this and how do you want us to use it? But by the 20th Century, the Blackboard had become a norm that we take for granted. The irony of life therefore is, technology will continue to drive innovation and we will continue to have new things and new ways to do things.

No one should necessarily be technology-resistant; the disposition should rather be "How might we use, learn, adopt, and adapt this new tech?"

Meet John Okewole, Founder TeachAThon Edtech Network

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John is the founder of TeachAThon Edtech Network. He is a Commonwealth Scholar; Google Certified Innovator (GoogleEI); Microsoft Innovative Education Expert (MIEExpert); MERLOT.org IT Editorial Board member; MOODLE Admin; Creative Commons Global Network member and a Scratcher.

In 2018, he was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to complete his Masters in Online and Distance Education at the Open University, UK.

He is a regular speaker at education and technology events which includes MIT, OECD, Pan-Commonwealth Forum (PCF), UNITAR, and UNESCO-UNEVOC.

In 2019, he coordinated the organization of a learning assessments capacity development and pilot data gathering based on IEA LaNA in Nigeria in conjunction with UNESCO IIEP, the IEA, NIEPA and UBEC.

He is passionate about empowering educators for the bottom line, i.e. learners' success. This this is reflected in all the projects he undertakes.

The TeachAThon Edtech Network will provide opportunities in conferences, Community of Practice, professional development, consultancy and much more towards achieving the goal of global and equitable education for all.


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